The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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How to Write for Represent
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If you're a young person in foster care and you like the idea of writing stories that will help your peers, Represent may be the place for you.

Represent writers get published online and in a print magazine that's distributed nationally. The magazine gives young people in care a place to speak out about their experiences and tell their stories. The writers also learn how to be reporters. They conduct interviews and write news stories about things that are important to youth in care.

Interested in writing for Represent? See the links below for the option that most applies to you. If you have any questions, contact Virginia Vitzthum at or 212-279-0708 ext. 112.

If you are interested in writing for Represent during the school year, you live in the New York City area, and you're between the ages of 14 and 21, please click here for more information and to apply.

July 8 - August 15, 2019
For New York City youth ages 15 - 20

Be part of Youth Communication's 40th annual summer writing workshop. You will get one-on-one mentoring from a professional editor, write personal stories about your life, go on field trips, and make friends with other writers. Participate in writing lessons and group activities exploring your own experiences with injustice and how to address it. Your stories will be published in one of Youth Communication's two award-winning magazines: YCteen, by and for New York City high school students, or Represent, by and for young people in foster care.

Our summer theme is WE CAN MAKE IT RIGHT. A student who bullies her classmates may be suffering from abuse at home. Someone might steal because they need necessities like clothes or food. A teen might join in racist behavior to fit in with friends. When someone's actions hurt others, they should be held accountable. But traditional forms of punishment and discipline don't necessarily make things any better for the victims of wrongdoing, or help the offenders change their behavior. In fact, they may just perpetuate a cycle of hurt and injustice. We want to spend this summer workshop thinking about how to respond in a way that's fair to everyone and leads to healing when people break rules or mistreat others.

Dates and Times: The workshop runs Monday through Thursday from July 8 to August 15. The hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. You must be able to attend for all six weeks.

Stipend: $600, plus daily MetroCard and $10 for lunch.

Location: Youth Communication office, 242 West 38th Street, 6th fl. The office is easily accessible by many subway lines.

Eligibility: Anyone ages 15 to 20 who lives within commuting distance is eligible to apply. We're interested in your writing skills, but when we judge your essays we will also look for your ideas and willingness to write deeply personal stories. Youth Communication's most essential job is to amplify youth voice in a compelling way.

Deadline: Applications must be received by May 17, 2019. We will respond to all applicants by June 7.


If you live outside the New York City area, please click here to find out how our long-distance writing process works and to apply.
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