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Is Sexting Sassy or Stupid?
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Health Class Activity: Cyber Safety and Sexting

Objectives: Students will think about the consequences of:

• taking, sending, or forwarding a sexual picture of someone underage, including themselves.

• taking images of themselves that they wouldn’t want everyone—classmates, teachers, coaches, family, employers or future employers, college admissions staff—to see;

• not being able to control where any image may travel.

Activity: Tell the group they are going to read a story about sexting. Ask if everyone knows what that is and ask the group if they know someone who has done it. (It’s sending nude or sexually provocative photos, usually phone to phone.)

You read the introduction out loud (that’s the part before Sven’s part).

Ask for a male volunteer to read Sven’s part. After he’s done, throw out these questions for discussion. Most of the answers will be speculative. Some students may offer silly or inappropriate answers. In most cases, however, other students will offer more mature and thoughtful answers. If they don’t, you can gently guide students toward an understanding of the dangers of sexting.

• Why does his girlfriend offer to send him a picture of herself in her underwear?
• Why does he accept the photo?
• Why does he “promptly” show it to his friends after promising to keep it to himself and when he knows he can be arrested for doing it?
• Why does he send her a nude picture of himself?
• He says he wouldn’t mind if she showed his picture to her friends. Do you think he’d feel differently if his photo got around the school?
• Sven says it’s OK to sext if you are “comfortable with your partner.” What does that mean? (Should his partner be “comfortable” with him after he betrayed her confidence?)
• What if Sven and his girlfriend break up after a big fight? Do they delete the photos, or spread them around to get back at each other?
• What if one of Sven’s enemies gets hold of the photos and posts them online where any college admissions officer or employer can find them?

Then ask a female volunteer to read Shakira’s part. Here are some more questions.

• Why is Shakira disappointed in her friend’s photo display? Why do you think she showed them to Shakira?
• Why does Shakira mention the legal cases dealing with sexting? Did you know that teens can be prosecuted for sexting?
• Why does Shakira think teens sext? Do you agree that teens who do it have low self-esteem and are just trying to get attention in all the wrong ways?
• Why doesn’t Shakira sext? Do her reasons make sense? What are some other reasons for not sexting besides fear of prosecution or worry that a photo will be circulated?
• Do you think boys and girls have different motivations for sexting?
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