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To Snitch or Not to Snitch?
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Lesson: Snitching Role Play

Objective: This role play will stimulate thinking about reporting illegal activities.

Before lesson: Write each item on an index card.

• I know who stole your aunt’s car.
• I know who raped Mary.
• I know who fired the gun at the party.
• I know who mugged John and sent him to the hospital.
• I know who’s selling drugs to the basketball team.
• I know which cop is taking bribes from dealers.
• I know who stole money from the prom fund.
• I know who cheated on the math test.
• I know who snitched on you.

Write these three options on the board:

1. Tell me who did it.
2. Keep it to yourself. Don’t snitch.
3. Tell the police (or a teacher).

Have your group read the story. After they are done, ask why people do or don’t talk to police about crimes. Lead a discussion for five minutes.

Then set up the lesson. Divide into pairs or threes so you have 9 groups. Let each pair pick an index card out of a box.

Tell the group you are going to go around to each small group one by one. Tell them that the person who picked the card should read it to the other member(s) of the group. The other members have to pick one of the above options on the board to start a conversation. The reader of the card has to argue with them—to say something like, “I just can’t keep it to myself. I have to tell someone.” Give each group 3 minutes to argue back and forth. Move on to the next group.

Closing Question:
Who benefits if people won’t snitch? Who suffers? [Note: There is no one right or wrong answer to these questions.]
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