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Scam U.
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Scam U.: Practice for Regents Exam Reading Section

Objectives: Students will learn how some for-profit colleges rip off high school students and how to avoid that problem. They will improve skills needed to do well on the Regents reading section.

What the teacher needs to know to use this lesson: The Regents English exam has a reading section that requires students to read a passage and answer six multiple-choice questions. This passage here is slightly longer than the typical Regents passage and there are more questions.

Give Your Students Directions
Put these directions on the board or read them slowly:

Read the story. Then circle the correct answers on the sheet.

Here are the answers to Lesson #7:
1) 2 2) 4 3) 4 4) 2 5) 4 6) 3 7) 4 8) 1

Regents Practice Question Sheet


1) What is one difference between a for-profit and a nonprofit college?

1) For-profits are more expensive
2) For-profits try to make money for their owners
3) Nonprofits don’t recruit students
4) Nonprofits don’t expect students to take out loans

2) What word best describes the recruiter’s visit to Marco’s school?

1) Educational
2) Sensitive
3) Fun
4) Aggressive

3) What is one reason to go to a CUNY community college rather than a for-profit school?

1) Admissions requirements are lower
2) You don’t have to take out loans
3) You can live at home
4) Graduation rates are higher

4) Why did the DeVry representative choose the author’s school for a recruiting visit?

1) To educate students about the college application process
2) The school’s students fit a certain profile
3) The school invited him
4) He visits all city public high schools

5) In the phrase, “preempt my English class,” the word preempt means

1) Make better
2) Make worse
3) Make longer
4) Take the place of

6) The author thinks that an employer might hire a community college grad rather than a for-profit grad because

1) Community college grads work hard
2) For-profit grads have too many loans
3) Going to a community college shows good sense
4) For-profit grads want too much pay

7) What would the author suggest you do before you agreed to enroll in any college?

1) Find out how many students graduate in four years (two for community colleges)
2) Make sure they offer classes you want to take
3) Google the school’s name for news items
4) All of the above

8) What would be another appropriate title for this story?

1) The Careful College Consumer
2) Applying to College
3) The Dangers of College Loans
4) It Pays to Get a College Education
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