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Clothes Don't Kill People
Trayvon Martin's hoodie didn't make him a criminal
Olivia Ashe

I am a 17- year-old African-American girl from New York City, and I am outraged by what Geraldo Rivera said on Fox 5 News about Trayvon Martin getting killed because he was wearing a hoodie. He basically said that black kids should not wear hoodies or baggy pants because people will think we are a “menace.”

I personally don’t think African-Americans should have a “What to and what not to wear” policy set for them by another race. Geraldo never said anything that youth in general shouldn’t wear hoodies and baggy jeans, only “black and Hispanic” youth. Does he mean that anyone else can wear them without stereotype or confusion?

image by Marie Glancy

If hoodies are for black criminal youth only, then why do babies and elderly persons of all races wear hoodies? If the hoodie is the uniform of a black killer, does that mean that a suit or button-down shirt is the uniform of a white killer because Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy wore them?

Geraldo also said that hoodies and baggy jeans are basically signs of criminal mischief. Geraldo, clothes don’t kill people. Ted Bundy looked and acted professional and killed at least 30 people. Would Ted Bundy have been more murderous in a hoodie?

Geraldo seems to be trying to excuse the murder of Trayvon Martin. Hoodie or not, there is no justification for what George Zimmerman did. He had no reason to kill an innocent kid over what he decided to wear.

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