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Speak Out: Bragging About Sexual Assault is Unacceptable
YCteen staff

Wendy Herrera, 17, Brooklyn Democracy Academy
I feel sad that Donald Trump is running for president because he’s such a bad role model for our young boys and men. Furthermore, women have fought so hard for equal rights and respect, and his candidacy diminishes what we have actually accomplished.

Aishamanne Williams, 15, Medgar Evers College Preparatory School
During this campaign, Donald Trump has made remarks proving that he has no respect for female citizens. His leaked 2005 comments about women are his biggest insults among many. I feel like he is a threat to my existence as a girl in this country. I’m afraid if he gets elected, assaulting women would be considered acceptable behavior.

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Jaelyn Feliciano, 16, Chelsea Career Technical Education High School
The 2005 video of Donald Trump bragging about how he can grab any woman he wants by their privates is unacceptable. He also says that if a woman is beautiful enough he can’t control himself and will kiss her. To him, women are objects that he can help himself to because he’s rich and famous. We do not need a misogynist as a president. We need someone who respects all Americans.

Melanie Mata, 16, Renaissance Charter School
Donald Trump is a misogynist who apparently thinks women exist for his own pleasure. How can we trust the future of our country to a man who said he can “grab women by the p-ssy?” Trump’s comments encourage rape culture. The belief that men can do anything they want to women is perpetuated time and time again in our society. We women need to stand together and lift each other up to make change and take down sexual predators like Trump.

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