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Prince's Best Girl (1993)
Tory Simon

When I heard that Prince had a new single coming out, I went crazy, like always. The song is called, "Could You Be the Most Beautiful Girl in the World?" and as soon as it came out, I ran down to The Wiz and bought the CD.

When I got home that night, I didn't even take off my coat and bookbag. I just wanted to hear my new CD. I rushed to put it on. I enjoyed listening to the song and my body was doing some moving. The words were so sweet. Like when Prince sings, "And if the stars ever fell one by one from the sky, I know Mars could not be too far behind, cuz baby this kind of beauty has got no reason to be shy, this kind of beauty is the kind that comes from inside."

It made me wish that Prince was there singing to me. I love the way he sometimes sings in a high-pitched voice and sometimes in a low deep voice. It's so sexy.

And Wait Till You See The Video

The video for the song is great too. The first time it came on, I was in the kitchen. As soon as I heard my Prince's voice, I almost broke my neck trying to get to the TV. I began to scream with excitement (you can't imagine how loud I can scream for Prince).

The video cuts back and forth between scenes of different women walking into a room, sitting on a sofa and looking into the camera and scenes of Prince singing. He's wearing a fabulous red outfit and his makeup is perfectly done (although a little too much, if you ask me).

It's a good video but it also made me mad because I should have been one of the girls. Back in December, there were ads in the papers saying Prince was looking for the most beautiful girl in the world and that she would win a date with him. I believe that's how they found the girls for the video. But you had to be 18 or older to enter and I'm only 17. It was so unfair.

But even though I didn't get to be in the video, I can put on my CD and pretend that Prince is singing just to me.

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