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SEEK Can Help
Counseling, tutoring, money
Represent Staff

SEEK stands for the Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge. Since 1965, the SEEK program has been helping students academically, financially, and emotionally at all the four-year CUNY colleges. SEEK also has a program for students at two-year, or community colleges, called College Discovery (CD). Here’s a summary of what they offer, with links for more info and to apply. You must meet certain academic and income requirements to be eligible, and be either a first-time freshman or transfer from another similar program, like HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program).

Counseling Support

As soon as you’re admitted to the program, you’re assigned to a SEEK/CD counselor. You can keep that counselor the whole time you go to the CUNY school for up to eight semesters in CD and 10 semesters in SEEK. You see them one-on-one, and also in group sessions. Their job is to help you set and achieve your personal, academic, and career goals. They offer sessions on:

  • Time management

  • Selecting a major

  • Coping with stress

  • Understanding college policies and procedures

  • Maintaining wellness

  • Choosing a career

  • Applying to graduate school

Many students connect with their counselors in a deep, long-lasting way. They’re there to help you succeed and sometimes they continue as mentors and friends after graduation.

Academic Support

image by YC-Art Dept

The SEEK/CD Programs offer supplemental instruction and tutoring one-on-one or in groups. There are also peer study groups, course review groups, and computer-assisted academic instruction.

SEEK academic counselors also take classes on field trips, and to cultural events, leadership training workshops, and student presentations at academic conferences.

Supplemental Financial Aid

But to do any of this, you have to pay for college. SEEK covers tuition and money for books and other expenses. Students get the money after their eligibility is confirmed by Financial Aid and after they complete their summer program before freshman year.

Visit to learn more. To find out if you are eligible for SEEK and to apply, go to their eligibility page.

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