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Poetry: Cry
Neyisha Knight, 16
Hawthorne, NY

My tears are too heavy so I let them fall
Looking in the mirror saying nothing at all
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The rejection of me I can’t stand to see
They laugh, they tease, I cry, I weep
I move from the mirror slowly
Looking at my face only
Knowing I hate what I see
Why does it have to be me?
I look at girls with so much envy
My friends don’t know, my family don’t care
My life is like a nightmare
I look down on the floor where I see the blade
The same one my dad uses to shave
Wishing my life with my sis I can trade
My palms are sweaty, my hands are shaking
I’m not going to stop, you can’t make me
My eyes get watery I can’t see within
Minutes the hospital is where I’d be
I didn’t want to do it, I promised you I’d try
But I couldn’t keep seeing myself cry, cry, cry.
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