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Poetry: Accept Me
Robin Joeanne, 19
Bryan, TX

If you love me (GOD) then why do they hate me?
Why do I struggle with my permanent gender?
Why can’t I accept the fact that I won’t never be happy?
Maybe because everywhere I go people stop and stare and judge me.
Maybe because you can’t accept me for who I am.

I thought you said you love me no matter what!
Then why do I have to pay the price for what I feel isn’t right for me?
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you don’t love me like they say you do.
Why do I feel like I’m locked in a prison of my own —called unhappiness?

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I’m a slave in my own body, I’m at war with myself,
And my outside is winning by feeding poison to my inside.
The only gender that’s gonna win victory is the me that looks in the mirror.
The me I don’t want to be, the me I can’t see, I won’t see.
I love you GOD and I always will,
But the outside feels like she gonna be the death of me
And the (He) that’s inside won’t live for eternity

Robin Joeanne, 19
Bryan, TX

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