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ISBN: 9781935552185
POETRY: Embrace
Ramse Dunn, 16
Painesville, OH

Life is just a big race, so embrace, embrace
Embrace all of the good times and giggles
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That were sweeter than a king-size bag of Skittles,
Embrace everything, don’t take anything for granted,
A new day is never promised, so make the most of them all,
Get up when you fall, keep your chin held high,
I was once lost but now I’m found,
Poetry was never my thing, but it came around,
You are looking for your calling—well, stay open-minded,
Cause believe me, if you do, you will find it.
Life will be hard that is guaranteed,
But as long as you stay true to yourself, you will succeed.
Life is just a big race, so embrace, embrace.
Embrace all of the opportunities, obstacles, and challenges in life you will face!!

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