The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Introduction: Transformation
Represent staff

Change is the only constant in life, and even more so if you’re in foster care. As a teen, your body and your outlook and your relationship to the world change with dizzying speed. If you’re in care, you don’t have things like home, family, or school holding you down, because they’re changing too. It can feel like you’re being tossed around by a stormy sea.

But the writers in this issue figured out how to adapt and steer themselves toward safety. Sometimes it’s a matter of accepting the truth and riding the wave—both Alexus and Andrew accepted that they simply weren’t straight kids, as much as family members would have liked that. Alexus lands on an identity of bisexual; Andrew is non-binary and navigates who to tell and how to explain it to them. Sometimes your label changes as you figure out what’s true for you.

Other writers describe a drastic change they’ve made to steer their life onto a better course. Shateek came very close to not graduating high school and got kicked off his beloved basketball team. He was jolted into studying, focusing, and getting tutoring—and got himself into college. The author of “I Had To Dig Up My Buried Emotions to Save My Life” pretended he didn’t care about anything in order to be a “real man,” and he lost his girlfriend, his son, his school, and his dorm. His journey took him very low before he did the hard work of opening up to himself and others. Better understanding his feelings gave him a compass to guide him to a better life.

Other transformations in this issue include painting on a new face with makeup; fixing up an apartment; becoming an activist at the March for Our Lives; and starting to change from a player to a girlfriend. Change can’t be avoided; it happens to us all. But you can control how you deal with change or make change to transform yourself and your life for the better.

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