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Staff Shout-Out: She Believes in My Potential
Ms. Gloria, Mercy First
Isaiah W.

Many staff advocate for me and genuinely care for me, but the one who stands out is Ms. Gloria. She is more than a staff to me; she is a mother figure. I have more love for her than she may know.

I wish I’d known her earlier in my life. My brother died when I was young, which gave my life a downward spiral. My parents gave up on me, and I didn’t have anyone to teach me right from wrong.

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I am human, and humans make mistakes. When I make mistakes, Ms. Gloria makes sure to tell me what they are. Then she helps me fix them and learn from them. Because of her guidance, I have determination to overcome my past to make a brighter future.

Growing up, and even now sometimes, I’ve had trouble believing I have a future. Ms. Gloria reassures me every chance she gets that I am bright and have purpose in life. Without the help of Ms. Gloria I would have probably given up on myself. She helps me believe that I will succeed. Before her, I never had somebody care enough to take the time out of their life and express to me that I have great potential.

The things she teaches me prepare me for my future. Knowing that someone cares inspires me to make something of myself. I love the fact that she is a church-going woman who reflects back to the Bible when we talk about my life. I love the Lord but deprived myself of him before. I am now an optimistic person thanks to the love and care from “my mother,” Ms. Gloria.

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