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POETRY: The Seen Can't Be Unseen
Wendy J. Herrera, 17
New York, NY.

As the years pass by my eyes open up more and more to the world I sadly live in
No one understands how it feels to have to shut everyone out in order to feel safe
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My little 17-year-old eyes have seen too much
I wish I never did
I go outside and I see how day by day we pollute the fresh air
I go to school and see kids getting bullied
I look at a girl’s arms full with cuts and dried-up blood,
Everyone laughs at her not knowing at home her father’s been abusing her since her mother died giving birth to her
On the streets you see gangsters stealing and killing people
In a tree you see a boy who hanged himself because he was gay
At the field you see wars and people fighting for property when they could just share
In an alley I see a 12-year-old getting raped by three guys; her tears and screams hurt my bones
I swear to everything in this world that I’ve seen too much
But I know soon there will be a generation that will stop all the cruelness in the world
Till then I will have to feel like a bystander without a way to help anyone
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