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Staff Shout-Out: She Sees the Best Me
Annette Scott, Mercy First
Justin A.

When I was first placed at my residential facility, I showed no regard for the rules and regulations. My actions when I came here were selfish, immature, and blatantly disrespectful.

But one staff showed the utmost respect and faith in me from day one. Mrs. Annette, who I call Mama Annette, is the kindest-hearted, most caring staff. She encouraged me to be a role model in this program, and to go home and succeed. When I’m mad or having a bad day, her mere presence makes my mood change instantly.

Mrs. Annette doesn’t care what we are here for. She just cares about us improving every day as a resident and as a person. She wants the best out of all of us. For example, I was on my way to becoming a level resident in a couple weeks when I AWOLed. I cannot even describe the disappointment Mrs. Annette showed me, not with words but with her silence and facial expression.

Today I am on my way to making level and I can say Mrs. Annette kept me on track. I know that even if she’s not in the unit, somehow, someway she is going to find out if I am doing well or not. So I try to keep my negative behavior to a minimum. Mrs. Annette motivates me to do better and to make her proud.

Mrs. Annette has helped me grow as a resident at Mercy First, and as a person. She motivates me to do right and stay in program, and I sincerely love her. I thank her every day.

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