The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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POETRY: My Story
Briana B., 16
Providence, RI

They ask but I don’t tell,
Why am I so quiet?
What’s wrong with me?
Too busy to find the time for others,
But all I can remember is that night
The night when everything went wrong

I tried to fight back,
But he was so strong and I was so small compared to him.
Everybody relies on their parents to protect them,
But what happens when they are the ones
Who are the cause of all your pain?
When I was 4 my dad started molesting me.
I didn’t know that what he was doing to me was wrong
I was way too young to understand,
All I knew was that what he did to me hurt and I wanted that pain he made
Me feel to stop;
But I didn’t know how to make that happen!

Most people have their parents as their hero,
Some people have role models;
I have my grandmother.
When I was 9 despite all the fear I felt I finally broke down and I
Confessed to my grandmother what was happening to me and she took
Care of it.
But when I tried to tell my mom she denied everything I told her
And to this day I still have a broken heart because of it,
To this day I don’t trust either one of my parents nor do I live with them.

Upon my encounter with this experience I have learned that sometimes no
Matter how hard you try those people you love will always disappoint you.
But just because I was a victim in the past doesn’t mean I have to live like
A victim

Which is why I am saying this:
Despite all my parents put me through I will succeed in whatever I do,
Because to me my dreams are important and my goals do matter,
And I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way from becoming who I
Want to be!
This is my life and I will live it the way that I choose
Nobody can stop me from achieving all that I want to,
Nobody can tell me differently;
Nobody can bring me down because I believe in me and nothing or
No one will ever change that!

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