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ISBN: 9781935552185
POETRY: Tear Drops
Camille Reyes, 14
Far Rockaway, NY

The anger builds up inside of me
As I stare at you with hate in my eyes
The water wells up and slowly slides down my face
As I gaze in anger

Tear drops
Temptation almost gets the best of me
As my fingers creep toward the knife
My eyes sting, as I slowly retreat
My fingers drum against my outer thigh as I patiently wait

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Tear drops
As the salty remains of my feelings slowly make their way
to the drain
I stare into your brown eyes, make note of your long lashes
And take in your deep brown skin
That just added fuel to the fire

Tear drops
I smashed the mirror hoping to hurt you
Just when I thought it had worked I walked into my bedroom
Turned left, and there you were
Staring back at me from my bedroom wall

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