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ISBN: 9781935552185
POETRY: Halloween
Tahmina Hussain, 14
Woodside, NY

“Meow”, the sound of a black cat crossing your path.
“Muahahaha”, the evil laughter coming from witches,
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mummies, and vampires.
“Arooooo”, the howl of a werewolf at midnight.
When you hear something like “BOO”, a ghost is haunting you.
The colors black and orange,
All around you,
Consuming you with every step you take.
All the jack-o-lanterns look alike,
As if they’re actually grinning right at you!
The Haunted House is a mansion,
With creatures swarming around it.
The girl is a ghost.
The moonlight reflects on her pale skin.
The spiders are as fast as a cheetah,
Crawling beside you,
As you hunt for more candy.
The last sound you hear is “trick-or-treat,”
For your sense of smell has taken over.
All of these creatures look as real
As the actual creatures,
In the land of Make-Believe.
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