The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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My apartment is a safe haven
author image The writer goes through a lot of tribulations after she ages out -- money and job troubles, bad roommates, and mental health issues. Through it all, her apartment holds her down

There have been many highs and lows over the six years I’ve lived in my apartment in the projects in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Before I aged out of care, I applied for housing in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn... [more]

Transformation Transformation
Digging Up Buried Feelings - Birth of an Activist - From Player to Girlfriend - Beyond the Gender Binary - Hiding Behind Makeup - ALSO: Book Review: A Stone of Hope PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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Inside Out: Makeup and Self-Esteem The writer gets into makeup after feeling ugly as a child. People respond well to her new look, and she finds she needs a full face to go outside. [more]
Not Just One Thing Alexus is attracted to girls from a young age. She hears enough homophobia to keep her bisexuality quiet, but eventually grows to accept her whole self. [more]
A Foster Child on TV Tayia reviews the TV show This Is Us, which features a family that decides to foster a child. She notes how things can go wrong even when people have the best intentions. [more]
Book Review: <em>A Stone of Hope: A Memoir</em> Alexus reviews Jim St. Germain's vivid story of growing up rough in Brooklyn and straightening his life out during a stay at Boys Town, a residential facility. [more]
Living on Your Own Psychotherapists Sylvia Lester and Marina Stolerman of The Fostering Connection give tips on how to make a house or apartment a home and how to live on your own. [more]
I Had to Dig Up My Buried Emotions to Save My Life The writer adopts a tough persona, squelching his own feelings. He alienates his girlfriend, loses his son, and almost ends his life. He finally gets real and turns his life around. [more]
Turning It Around Shateek sees no future for himself, so he messes up in school. Helped by a few counselors, he applies himself just in time to graduate and get into college. [more]
My First Protest: March for Our Lives Inspired by the activist teens in Parkland, Florida, Carolina takes a bus to Washington DC to protest gun violence and the lack of laws preventing it. [more]
Medication Didn’t Solve My Sadness J.G. has a sad life and sometimes acts out in unhealthy ways. She's put on way too much medication, which doesn't feel like a solution. She tries to change her way of looking at things instead. [more]
Beyond the Binary Andrew notices from an early age that he does not identify with anything heavily gendered, neither masculine nor feminine. On the Internet, he discovers the concept of "non-binary" and finds himself. [more]
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