The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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My Worker’s Loving Lie
She protected my privacy in the dorm
author image Marie finds she doesn't want everyone in her college dorm to know she's in care. And even though she keeps her secret, she eventually opts for the privacy of living off-campus.

People who’ve never been in foster care may take for granted the little things when it comes to college. Most college freshmen, for example, just assume everyone has a parent... [more]

Finding Your Way to an Education Finding Your Way to an Education
Why No Queer History Class? - Dorm Room Blues - Where to Get Higher-Ed Help - Is College for Me? - PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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ASAP: Right on Time This writer found her college footing thanks in part to ASAP, a program that supports low-income students in New York City's public community colleges. [more]
Understanding Your Rights as an Undocumented Immigrant in Foster Care A lawyer from Lawyers for Children explains what rights undocumented foster children have and different visas and other paths to citizenship for immigrant youth in care. [more]
The Long Journey Home The author, born biologically male, never doubts that she's truly female. She travels from Mexico to New York and from bullied boy to confident woman. [more]
I Was Alone and Scared, So I Know How Older People Feel The author immigrated from Africa and ended up in foster care. She learns English and the subway system and gets a job as a (compassionate) home health aide. [more]
Providing for My Family Juan goes to work at age 14 in Guatemala, but he can't make enough to support his family. He immigrates to the U.S. and ends up in foster care. [more]
Be a Bridge Three therapists who have worked with recent immigrants write about what their clients have been through and what therapeutic approaches help them adjust to their new lives. [more]
No Job, No Home, No Green Card The author, who has a son, doesn't learn until she's 19 that she doesn't have a green card. She scrambles to get that before she ages out. [more]
The Road to Esther Kaylee has worked with refugees for 12 years, helping connect them to families who can help them. Then she hears about Esther and decides to be her foster mom. [more]
Becoming Americans Together The author attends an International high school after immigrating from El Salvador. He speaks little English, but slowly makes friends from all over the world. [more]
Leaving El Salvador Forever The writer makes wise decisions on his perilous journey crossing borders, deserts, and rivers to reunite with his parents in New York City. [more]
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