The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Slightly Open Arms
Trying to trust after an abusive foster parent
author image Chantel is disappointed by a foster mother who seems great at first, but turns out to be an abusive drunk. It makes it hard for her to open up to anyone.

Throughout my childhood, my mom planted a distrust of others. My siblings and I barely saw other family members. We weren’t allowed to go to other people’s houses... [more]

Leaving Home Leaving Home
Crossing Borders With a Coyote - A High School Just for Immigrants - Welcoming Unaccompanied Minors - PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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Give Me My Freedom and Privacy Bella's mom dies, leaving her alone with her mom's abusive partner. When she goes into care, she's sent to a residential facility where she longs for quiet and privacy. [more]
Not Too Late for a Mother Leah endures 20 different foster care placements, all bad, until she moves in with Beatriz and Frankie at age 14. Beatriz teaches Leah about trust, self-respect, and love. [more]
Connecting Through Culture Angie is raised by a Puerto Rican mom who's a Jehovah's Witness. In care, she's placed with a Haitian Christian and then a Muslim and finds that she loves learning about new cultures. [more]
How to Be a Great Foster Parent Stephen Hamner works at a large foster care agency in New York. He lays out what he expects of foster parents and what they should know about foster youth. [more]
Helping Me With Control Lance struggles with anger and blows it with a good foster family. He learns from caring adults and his own self-observation to identify and control his feelings. [more]
Finally, a Work Role Model Until she's 19, Alexus has never lived with an adult who talked about her job. In her new home, her foster mom talks about work and gives her helpful advice. [more]
Working As a Team This reprint from Rise magazine is by a man whose daughter goes into care. He is grateful for the cooperation he gets from her foster mothers, which helps when his daughter comes home. [more]
Mutual Respect Tayia's foster mother has unfamiliar rules and expectations. Tayia details their misunderstandings and figures out how to make it work better with the next foster parent. [more]
I've Got Nothing to Be Ashamed of Wendolyn is brutally gang-raped on her 12th birthday. She slowly heals starting several years later through the help of a supportive boyfriend, therapy, church, and telling her story. [more]
Claiming the Life I Deserve Marreka gets the message young that her body is for adults to use. Molested at age 5, and trafficked as a young teen, she finally finds love and support at Gateways and GEMS. [more]
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