The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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The Road to Esther
After 12 years of working with refugees, I'm parenting one
author image Kaylee has worked with refugees for 12 years, helping connect them to families who can help them. Then she hears about Esther and decides to be her foster mom.

I began working with refugees in 2007 through my church. In 2008, my husband and I created an organization to train faith communities to support newly arriving refugees... [more]

Leaving Home Leaving Home
Crossing Borders With a Coyote - A High School Just for Immigrants - Welcoming Unaccompanied Minors - PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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Becoming Americans Together The author attends an International high school after immigrating from El Salvador. He speaks little English, but slowly makes friends from all over the world. [more]
Leaving El Salvador Forever The writer makes wise decisions on his perilous journey crossing borders, deserts, and rivers to reunite with his parents in New York City. [more]
Cruel and Unusual: U.S. Immigration Policy Zachary introduces the immigration issue with a look at the illegal and immoral immigration policies of the Trump Administration--and how they violate international standards. [more]
‘We Can’t Continue,’ But I Did Esther has to flee political violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo after her parents are killed. She travels across many countries to the U.S., where she finds refuge. [more]
The Welcome Wagon JCCA's unaccompanied minors program gives asylum-seeking youth stability and care. Staff Dalia Johnson and Emmie Surinach share how they prepare young immigrants for life in the U.S. [more]
What We Might Not Say A former foster youth who now works in preventive services writes about his past. His experience helps him recognize how youth might be suffering in silence within their families. [more]
Slightly Open Arms Chantel is disappointed by a foster mother who seems great at first, but turns out to be an abusive drunk. It makes it hard for her to open up to anyone. [more]
Give Me My Freedom and Privacy Bella's mom dies, leaving her alone with her mom's abusive partner. When she goes into care, she's sent to a residential facility where she longs for quiet and privacy. [more]
Not Too Late for a Mother Leah endures 20 different foster care placements, all bad, until she moves in with Beatriz and Frankie at age 14. Beatriz teaches Leah about trust, self-respect, and love. [more]
Connecting Through Culture Angie is raised by a Puerto Rican mom who's a Jehovah's Witness. In care, she's placed with a Haitian Christian and then a Muslim and finds that she loves learning about new cultures. [more]
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