The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Teacher Lesson Return to "My Journey Back from Depression"
My Journey Back from Depression
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Samira Hassan takes us on a personal journey from deep depression, which was so bad she wanted to kill herself, to her rescue from pain, which she credits to a wonderful social worker, Ms. Mensing. Samira talks about being hospitalized and how awful it was until she met a kind, caring woman who took the time to listen and who didn’t judge her. She inspired Samira to write as a way to deal with her pain. Samira writes: “Ms. Mensing knew my love for writing. … She bought me my first journal. … She made me feel good, which made me be good.”

Ask your residents for their reactions to this story. Ask them how Ms. Mensing helped Samira and all the ways she helped herself. Ask them how, if they’re depressed, they deal with it? Do they turn to writing or to another person.? Have them write a thank you letter to whoever or whatever it is that has helped them—whether it be another person, a journal, or even themselves.
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