The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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College Financial Aid (6 found)
Note: These stories are from Represent and its sister publication, YCteen, which is written by New York City public high school students.
Marlo attends a for-profit college and gets into some debt. He researches for-profits and finds out that public schools are a better value. (full text)
Victor interviews former foster youth Jessica Maxwell, who heads up the Foster Youth Success Alliance. FYSA is pushing for legislation that would require New York state to pay for college for youth in care. (full text)
A calendar to help high school seniors keep track of the college application process on a month-by-month basis. (full text)
Learn the criteria for applying for New York's Excelsior Scholarship which offers free tuition to certain New York State teens. (full text)
Which presidential candidate will do the most to improve our country's education system? Nyasia looks at Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's positions. (full text)
Applying to college can be extra stressful for kids who are dealing with poverty or whose parents can't help. College counselor Joshua Steckel addresses some common worries. (full text)

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