The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Alternative Schools (7 found)
Note: These stories are from Represent and its sister publication, YCteen, which is written by New York City public high school students.
At a high school for immigrants, Sandra feels comfortable enough to master English. (full text)
Transferring from a large, impersonal high school to a small, supportive one is the key to Troy’s success. (full text)
DeAnna's habit of cutting class finally catches up with her. She decides to transfer to a new school, but first she must prove that she's serious about starting over. (full text)
Eliza navigates around her parents’ wish for her to become a doctor and finds a career path that feels right. (full text)
Teens can get free certification in trades such as Salon Services, Electrical Installation, and Computer Repair at Co-Op Tech High School. (full text)
Julia was home-schooled until the eighth grade when she decided to switch to a traditional high school. Here, she writes about the pros and cons of both. (full text)
Wilber finds acceptance at a high school for gay youth. (full text)

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