The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Sex: Learning Without Doing
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Discussion questions for “Learning Without Doing”

• The writer didn’t get good sex education at home or at school. No adult ever explained to her what sex was, how pregnancy occurs, or what menstruation is. At first, she relies on her peers to learn about sex and her body. Did that work for her? Why or why not? What did she hear from her peers that was incorrect? What did she hear that was correct?

• She was (is) curious about sex, and learned a lot by reading books. She says later in the story that getting all this information helped her postpone sex. Why do you think that is?

• She liked kissing, but didn’t want it to go any farther. What were her strategies for making sure things didn't go farther than she wanted them to? What other strategies might she have used?

• The writer hasn’t found a boy who has swept her off her feet, which is one reason she hasn’t had sex. What if she had found that dream boy a couple of years ago? Should the decision to have sex depend on finding the right person, or are there other considerations, such as age and maturity?

• The writer says that waiting is good, but waiting “7 or 10 years” until she get married is too long. What do you think?
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