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How Do You Feel About the Plan to Build an Islamic Center Near the World Trade Center Site?
YCteen staff

Josue Reys, 17, Legacy HS: What’s the big deal? If they want to build a mosque near the WTC, then let them. It’s part of their religion.

Sophie Gorne, 18, England: I think it’ll cause problems. Society is trying to build itself up and stereotypes would get in the way of moving forward.

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Justin Lopez, 16, Legacy HS: I don’t really mind. Just because a few people had a problem, that doesn’t mean it’s all of the Muslims’ problem.

Lauren Short, 21, Bronx: It would put Muslims in danger when they try to pray there, since there would be protest rallies and stuff. There would be no trust.

Nick Leung, 14, LaGuardia HS: I think it’s intentional, not really a coincidence. Kind of unethical in a way, because of what certain Muslims have done to the surrounding area.

Hannah Hodel, 21, Manhattan: It’s part of a whole recreational center, like the YMCA. I’m fine with it.

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