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POETRY: Taking Risks
Ramse Dunn, 16
Painesville, Ohio

Taking risks,
I knew all about that

Like the risk of kicking someone’s door in
Not knowing what may wait on the other side.

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The risk of running around with a loaded gun,
Robbing people who didn’t mess with me
And that’s what I call fun.

The risk of selling drugs that I knew could kill
But I still did for a dollar bill.

The risk of even being in this life was enough.
The risk I took when I would have all those drugs in my system
And I still woke up the next morning.

The risk of having my little brother around while I did this.
The times I sold drugs to people I didn’t know,
They could have done anything.

The risk I put my family in when selling out of my house,
Risking people breaking in or getting raided.

The risk I’m most disappointed in
Is leaving home, not going back for a few days
When I knew
At any moment my mom’s heart could have stopped
And I’d never see her again.

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