The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Congratulations Winners! #127
Invent a Holiday
Writing Contest Winners

1st Prize $150 winner + $200 “wish certificate” from One Simple Wish
Benevolent Day

If I had the ability to create my own holiday, it would include miraculous events. On Benevolent Day, people more fortunate than others would give to the less fortunate, orphans would be placed in pre-adoptive homes, and violence would be reduced.

Benevolent Day would be for everyone. Schools would have half days and adults wouldn’t go to work. There would be a huge fair in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens. The fair would last from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. At noon, people would recite the pledge of allegiance and sing “Lean on Me.”

Children in foster care would go to concerts and meet some of their favorite superstars. There would be a talent show for foster children to express themselves in front of professional scouts and get discovered.

Chris M., 16
Syosset, NY

2nd Prize $100 winner + $100 “wish certificate” from One Simple Wish
Future Dream Day

I’d like to designate September 22 as “Future Dream Day.” (September 22 is my birthday.) On this day, kids and teens can dress up like they see themselves in the future. For example, kids who want to be teachers in the future could dress up as teachers.

This holiday would be just for kids to celebrate by acting like their future selves. Adults would treat and interact with the kids and teens like they were adults. Kids would be allowed to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Instead of doing work in school, they would act like office workers, social workers, lawyers, veterinarians, or whatever other profession they chose.

It would be a day where kids could learn about what their parents go though. Maybe they could visit a place where they would like to work in the future to see how the adults like it and how they act at their jobs.

D’Jhaly Baez, 15
Mount Vernon, NY

3rd Prize $50 winner + $50 “wish certificate” from One Simple Wish
National Dog Day

The holiday I would invent is National Dog Day because dogs are my favorite pet. It would be on March 10 because that is my birthday. On this holiday, dogs would be able to be off their leashes and go to parks and hang out with other dogs. They would also get treats.

Dogs who need owners could go to a place like North Shore Shelter. The people at the shelters will help find the dogs good owners and good kids. People would come from all over and adopt dogs.

I would adopt a dog myself—a blue nose pit bull. That’s my favorite dog, and they don’t get treated very well. I would change that.

Nick W., 17
Syosset, NY

Honorable Mentions:Joshua Cade, Salena F., Annielo V.

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