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ISBN: 9781935552185
POETRY: Reflection
Maria Torres, 17
Staten Island, NY

I may not have known you for very long
But I’ve noticed that you are very positive and strong
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As you witness love, stress and loneliness
You pray for strength and everlasting happiness
As you try to be the best mother you can
Cemiyra will grow up to appreciate and to give a helping hand
Through everything she will be your food for thought, your guiding light,
She will be your reason for hope, your source of happiness and your hand through life
As you learn that one hand washes the other,
I realize that it’s our friendship that’s kept us together
You no longer question your future or the worries of being alone
I can finally call you my best friend, we are sisters standing together as one
As I walk away from the mirror,
I want to give you a hug but instead
I tell myself changes are crucial it’s your choice for it to make you or break you
So you take another day with your head up high and your eyes open
I have only one life to live and one chance to do all the things I want to do,
Not just for me but for the life that will carry me after.
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