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ISBN: 9781935552185
Marcellus C. Sawyer, 16
Cambria Heights, NY

Vivid flashbacks from younger days
I couldn’t help if I made her frown
Love God and one another my mother says
Maybe one day I will have the crown

Abundant love and devotion
Battle after battle no clear winner
Freedom to speak, I still approached with caution
I’m deplored until dinner

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Childhood adorn by many
Green with envy my eyes
Daily emotions vary
I’m still loved to my surprise

Scars that prove a journey true
Black cotton layered over skin
Most people stare without a clue
Mom thinks it’s a sin

Prayers to God to watch over the world tonight
Before I drift off to sleep
So that I could have a better sight
That my mother will no longer weep.

Questioning reality at such a young age
Grades that made mom go crazy
Attention I sought to crave
I couldn’t help if I was lazy

Stress brought on illness
She taught me a valuable life skill
My world was looking lifeless
She said she done her will

Forward to the present
Watching over me without a frown
My morals are so apparent
I now know I hold the crown

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