The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Issue #102 (Fall, 2010) issue cover
Surviving Hard Times
The Money Issue

Quotesia interviews Mario Mazzoni at the Metropolitan Council, an NYC tenants' rights organization, and finds that the housing crunch is hitting poor people the hardest. (full text)

Samantha finally gets her own place in a Supported Independent Living Program (SILP). A few months later, ACS closes SILPs and she has to go back to living with a foster parent. (full text)

Chimore gets in big trouble - and debt - with her first debit card, but it teaches her valuable lessons about being careful with her spending. (full text)

Chimore breaks down the rewards and hazards of having a credit card. (full text)

Damaris talks to a professor at Columbia University's business school about behaviors around spending and saving. She discovers that her own money habits have a lot to do with her childhood. (full text)

Senora finds out about "emotional spending" and how saving money instead can make you feel better and help build your confidence. (full text)

Asia spends half her paycheck on her friend's party. The friend swears she'll pay it back and never does; Asia gets new friends. (full text)

Danielle is desperate for a job, but after a couple of sketchy experiences with jobs that promise and don't deliver, she becomes a lot more choosy. (full text)
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