The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Trying to Make Up Lost Time
My mom was in prison for nine years
author image When the writer’s mom is released from prison after nine years, it takes time for the two to adjust. Although the writer remains guarded, she is open to building a closer relationship.

When I was 12, my mother was released from prison after nine years. My younger sister and I had been living with my aunts... [more]

Fixing Foster Care Fixing Foster Care
How I'd Change the System - Give Us Privacy - When a Staff You Love Leaves - 5 Tips for Foster Parents - ALSO: Movie Review: The Florida Project PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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Don’t Push Me Out, Push Me Forward Selena moves from foster home to foster home and doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. Fed up, she acts out in school. If teachers tried to understand her, she’d make more of an effort to succeed academically. [more]
I Served Justice and Protected Other Children The author was sexually abused by her adopted father for several years. After she goes into care, she decides to testify about it, and sends a predator to prison. [more]
The Great Escape Salenna tries to become more popular via Facebook and Instagram but it ends up making her feel envious and lonely. Unplugging improves her life. [more]
Always Writing Out My Life Precious has been homeless and in foster care. Writing has always helped her cope, so she sets up a website to allow others to share their stories. [more]
Am I an Activist? A Roundtable Discussion Writers from the 2017 summer writing workshop explore what it means to be an activist. They realize while talking that they actually do quite a lot! [more]
Movie Review: <em>The Florida Project</em> Like the mom in the movie, reviewer Alexus had a fun, loving, but irresponsible mother. She says the movie is like a candy-colored version of her own childhood. [more]
Keeping Immigrants Out Isn’t the Key to Our Safety—Gun Control Is Melanie argues that gun control is the way to keep American's safe—not Trump's attempts to keep immigrants out of the country. [more]
Launch Pad Jazmine reports on Techie Youth, a nonprofit that gives hands-on computer training to foster youth and former foster youth. [more]
ACS Commish Emphasizes School Abigail Johnson, Demetria Mack, and Elvia Victorio interview ACS Commissioner David Hansell about his plans to improve foster care. [more]
Volunteering Helps Me Too Marlo starts volunteering mostly to make business connections, but then a foster care organization helps him with college. He vows to keep giving back. [more]
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