The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Sisters Sticking Together
All I wanted was a chance to be a better sister.
author image The author is jealous of her younger sister, who is their mom's favorite. When their mom's abuse sends them into care, the author realizes she and her sister are each other's family.

When we were young, my little sister Katie and I bickered, argued, and occasionally hit each other. We were both physically and emotionally abused by our mother and her boyfriends... [more]

That One Person That One Person
Finding a Mom - Growing Older, Switching Therapists - My Mentor Turned My Life Around - Sticking With My Sister - PLUS - Staff Shout-Out - Win $350!
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I Want to Stop Leaving People Behind Daisy moves so many times in foster care that she stops saying goodbye or keeping in touch with people. When she finds a supportive family, she vows to better stay connected. [more]
Outgrowing My Therapist The author is removed from her abusive mother at age 11, and starts therapy. It's good for several years, but as she grows up, she needs a therapist who's less parental. [more]
Batman and Robin The author is confused by why her family is so mean to her feminine brother. As she learns what "gay" means, she steps up to defend and support him. [more]
Falling Into Trust The author feels isolated at school, partly because of abuse at home. She makes a friend and tells him ALMOST everything. She discovers he's held back some secrets too. [more]
My Mother Jenny Selena suffers terrible abuse from an early age, then is moved to 16 different foster homes in two years. Then she finds a foster mother who sticks with her and eventually adopts her. [more]
Boxing Through My Anger Miguel has a lot of anger from his stepfather's abuse, and then from his foster family's indifference. A mentor guides him to boxing, and he gains control of his feelings and his future. [more]
Testing My Anger Management Skills When the writer gets locked up in juvenile detention for three months, she uses everything she learned in therapy to stay out of fights. [more]
Tough Guise The author is dismayed by the "masculinity" of his father -- emotionless unless drunk, and then aggressive. When the author is cast in a play as a husband who learns to express his feelings, he finds a new way to be a man. [more]
My Foster Parents Showed My Son and Me How to Feel Safe A young mother grows to trust her foster parents and let them love her son. [more]
How I’ll End the Foster Care Cycle Brittany assesses the parenting she got from her father and her mother and decides which things she'll take from them when she has her own children. [more]
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