The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Dad Didn’t Protect Me—But I Forgave Him Anyway
Not the life I wanted.
author image The writer is prostituted by her parents, runs away, and then goes into care. Her father begs for forgiveness, and she decides that forgiving him will bring her some peace.

When I was little, my dad took care of me while my mom worked. I didn’t know what she did. Sometimes she wouldn’t come home for days, but if I asked where she’d been or what she was doing... [more]

When Mom Is Gone When Mom Is Gone
A Foster Mother Becomes Family - Living With Her Limits - No Grandma for My Daughter - Her Abuse Taught Me Violence - PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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Losing the Last of My Birth Family S.G.'s birth parents lost custody of her and her brother because they sold drugs in a gang. S.G. kept up with her brother after they went to separate homes and is heartbroken when he too joins the gang. [more]
Living in a Shelter Wasn’t As Bad as I Thought When Rianna's mom loses her job, the family has to move into a shelter. Of course it isn't like the comfort of home, but it's not the cramped, crowded, dirty place she expected. [more]
There Are Better Ways to Cope The writer is treated badly and inconsistently by her mother and grandmother. She cuts herself to relieve her pain, but moves toward stopping with the help of music, reading, and writing. [more]
Trying to Make Up Lost Time When the writer’s mom is released from prison after nine years, it takes time for the two to adjust. Although the writer remains guarded, she is open to building a closer relationship. [more]
I Can't Save My Sister The author's mother subjects the author and her twin sister to extreme abuse, which is worse when she drinks. The author gets herself to college after they go into care, but her sister slides into addiction. [more]
Broken Homes Zaniyah gets pregnant before she ages out, in part to have the family she didn't have in foster care. Her NYCHA apartment has problems, but it does have family. [more]
I Didn't Get to Be a Kid The writer's childhood was a blur of drug dealing, abuse, death, and chaos. He mourns never getting to "do kid things" and ponders how he'll ever be able to trust. [more]
Living on Your Own Psychotherapists Sylvia Lester and Marina Stolerman of The Fostering Connection give tips on how to make a house or apartment a home and how to live on your own. [more]
Falling Into Trust The author feels isolated at school, partly because of abuse at home. She makes a friend and tells him ALMOST everything. She discovers he's held back some secrets too. [more]
Peaceful Warrior The author, frustrated by abuse and unfairness, fights. After hitting a pregnant girl, she realizes she must stop and does, with the help of yoga, running, and therapy. [more]
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