The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at Represent.
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Bronx Bombers
Graffiti in NYC
author image Robert visits an art exhibit of graffiti in New York and describes his lifelong relationship to this homegrown art form.

When I take the #2 train, there’s a painting between the Pelham Parkway and Allerton stops I always look for. You only have five seconds to see it as the train passes. It’s a short word in blue writing... [more]

Becoming Ourselves Becoming Ourselves
My Name's Not Me - I Wish My Mom Could Accept A Gay Son - Targeted by the THOT Police - 'You're Pretty For a Black Girl' - PLUS - Graffiti in NYC
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Maya Angelou vs. the THOT Police When Maya Angelou dies, Imani notices that people are posting on Facebook that "THOTs" don't have the right to mourn her passing. Imani questions why women are still put down for being sexual. [more]
The Fairest of Them All Jessica experiences racism in the U.S. and South Africa, and internalizes it. A natural hair blog and a growing understanding of society help her see that black is beautiful. [more]
Daydreaming and Reality Anthony had a rough childhood and often retreated into daydreams to escape abuse. As he grows up, he pushes himself to live more in reality. [more]
Choosing Who I Let In Zakkiaya's biological family neglects and abuses her. It's not until she enters a group home that she find "sisters" and a caseworker "Mom." [more]
Q&A: Healthy Relationships Natasha interviews therapist Rebecca Weston about how to keep family trauma in your past from messing up your new relationships. [more]
My Crazy Love Was Just Crazy The author's boyfriend begins pressuring her for sex, acting jealous, and hitting her. It's cheating, however, that's the last straw for her. [more]
My Virtual Girlfriend Got Real The author meets Valencia online and they fall in love. When they finally meet in real life, they discover things about each other and about relationships. [more]
Not Too Late for a Mother Leah endures 20 different foster care placements, all bad, until she moves in with Beatriz and Frankie at age 14. Beatriz assures Leah she's not giving up on her and teaches Leah about trust, self-respect, and love. [more]
Lust + Respect = Real Love Marlo is angry about the death of his mother and rebels against authority. He loses respect for girls until he meets Towanda, who is his intellectual equal. They support each other in straightening out their lives. [more]
Is This Love—or Abuse? Margaret starts dating Daisy, who continues to see other girls, even as she accuses Margaret of cheating. Margaret tries to change herself to please Daisy, who gets downright abusive. [more]
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