The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Powerful Attachments
Why we love the one who hurts us
author image Psychotherapist Russell Saunders explains how to heal from a parent's abuse or neglect, how to make boundaries with those parents, and what needs to happen before you can forgive them.

Russell Saunders is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and the former clinical director of The Fostering Connection (TFC). TFC is a New York City organization that provides free long-term therapy to foster-affected youth... [more]

Finding Our Power Finding Our Power
LGBTQ Superhero - Staying Strong For My Sibling - School Is My Life Raft - Making Art Out of Pain - PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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She Couldn’t Make Me Hate My Brother Hector's mother abuses him and his twin physically and emotionally. Hector finally escapes and then heals himself with writing and finding adults he can trust. [more]
LGBTQ Superhero Tamya is teased when it's revealed at school she has a crush on a girl. She comes out and stands up to the haters. [more]
I Do Better Accepting My Depression Than Fighting It D.C.M. realizes she has depression when she's in high school and is filled with self-loathing. Two good therapists help her be more kind to herself. [more]
Empowering Expressions Andrew stumbles upon a mural that speaks to him more than words can; he also makes art to express his own emotions. [more]
From Near Death to a Better Life Chantel is let down by her mother, then her foster mother and stops caring about anything. An overdose wakes her up to her potential. [more]
Trying to Make Up Lost Time When the writer’s mom is released from prison after nine years, it takes time for the two to adjust. Although the writer remains guarded, she is open to building a closer relationship. [more]
A Player Tries to Change Her Ways N.V. has been hurt by uncaring parents and foster care. Tired of jumping from girl to girl, she tries to be a steadier girlfriend, but it's harder than she expects. [more]
Home Base The writer goes through a lot of tribulations after she ages out -- money and job troubles, bad roommates, and mental health issues. Through it all, her apartment holds her down [more]
Inside Out: Makeup and Self-Esteem The writer gets into makeup after feeling ugly as a child. People respond well to her new look, and she finds she needs a full face to go outside. [more]
Not Just One Thing Alexus is attracted to girls from a young age. She hears enough homophobia to keep her bisexuality quiet, but eventually grows to accept her whole self. [more]
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