The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Violence Against Women
Why does it keep happening?
author image Hande looks at recent news reports of sexual violence in her home country, Turkey, and explores what's behind men's desire to dominate and control women.

I moved to New York from Turkey when I was 11. Although I come from a city, Istanbul, that protects women’s rights better than some other parts of Turkey, my country is more restrictive toward women than here in the U.S... [more]

Outside the Box Outside the Box
Tomgirl - Real Men Stick Around - My Transgender Journey - Catcalling Is Not Cool - I’m My Own Woman, Not His PLUS - Win $350!
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Tomgirl Selena is pure tomboy until adolescence. Then she dresses girly and likes the male attention. Now her style and her spirit combine masculine and feminine. [more]
Street Harassment Is No Compliment Men are constantly commenting on Margaret's appearance as she walks down the street. She reports on how widespread—and how damaging to girls—street harassment is. [more]
No Violence, No Silence The author sees his father hit his mother. Instead of keeping quiet, he seeks help and talks to trusted friends and mentors. [more]
<em>Short Term 12</em> Gets RTFs Right Anthony reviews the new film about a group home, Short Term 12, and recognizes things from his own time in a residential treatment facility. [more]
Sticking Together As Otis drifts away from his adoptive mother, he ponders what family means -- sharing holidays? blood? loyalty? respect? harmony? [more]
Woman’s Best Friend Chimore and her dog Prissy have a special bond that's helped Chimore adjust to life after foster care [more]
Book Review: <em>13 Reasons Why</em> Carlos reviews a novel that explores a girl's reasons for suicide. The hero of the book, and Carlos, realize that you need to pay attention to signs that peers are suffering. [more]
Sisters Sticking Together The author is jealous of her younger sister, who is their mom's favorite. When their mom's abuse sends them into care, the author realizes she and her sister are each other's family. [more]
I Want to Stop Leaving People Behind Daisy moves so many times in foster care that she stops saying goodbye or keeping in touch with people. When she finds a supportive family, she vows to better stay connected. [more]
Outgrowing My Therapist The author is removed from her abusive mother at age 11, and starts therapy. It's good for several years, but as she grows up, she needs a therapist who's less parental. [more]
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